Tuesday, December 07, 2004

So What, Who Cares?

So what who cares, it’s poetry
Not for money, just for glee.

I couldn’t care, no not one bit,
That it doesn’t sound like English lit.

I tried to be smart, I tried to be funny,
But now it’s only even money,
That you will read and I will smile
Ever only after a while,
That I realized something near to me,
It’s not for you but it’s for me,
That I write these things myself express,
To lift my soul up from depress.

I write for me, not you or them
It’s from my heart, my soul, my pen,
And only then, only then,

Can you be privileged to see,
A very special part of me.

You may peak and pry a little,
Into a place you shouldn’t be.
But as you see that part of me,
Then , yes, then, but suddenly
You’ve seen a little piece of thee.

Copyright 2004 David Lawrence III


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